Bryce Canyon In Winter

Bryce Canyon Winter

Bryce Canyon National Park is a popular winter playground. It is located at a high elevation and the area often receives heavy snowfall. The park is incredibly beautiful during winter, when snow flocks the evergreen trees on the canyon rim and drifts against the colorful hoodoos.

The road along the Bryce Canyon rim is paved and is plowed during winter. Plowed parking areas can be found adjacent to popular viewpoints. However, the rim road may be closed temporarily during and immediately after snowstorms. The park shuttle does not run during the wintertime.

Popular Winter Activities

  • Auto touring/sightseeing
  • Snowshoeing/cross country skiing
  • Other snow sports
  • Photography

Average winter temperatures F°

Month High Low
November  51° 19°
December  42° 11°
January  39°
February  41° 13°
March  46° 17°

Ranger-led snowshoe hikes are offered during the winter. The visitor center provides snowshoes. You can also rent snowshoes and cross country skies at businesses near the park entrance. A trail system groomed for cross country skiing runs from the Ruby's Inn area into the park and up to scenic overlooks.

Ski and snowshoe outings allow you to explore the park in a quite, relax, unhurried manner. They provide a unique experience that is totally different from that enjoyed by summer visitors.

Photography is very popular at Bryce Canyon during the winter. Some of the most popular photos of the park show snow capping the hoodoos.

Snowmobiles are not allowed to operate within the national park, but are allowed on excellent trails in the nearby area. Snowmobiles can be rented from local businesses. Guided snowmobile tours are offered on trails near the park.

The popular Bryce Winter Festival is held annually in February over Presidents Day Weekend. It is centered at Ruby's Inn, near the park entrance, and offers a variety of events including:

Bryce Canyon in Snow
  • Cross country ski tours
  • Snowshoe tours and races
  • Archery clinics
  • Ski archery competition
  • Kayaking demos
  • Waxing clinics
  • Photography clinics
  • Photo contests
  • Snow sculpture contests
  • People-powered sled races
  • Kids snowboot races
  • Entertainment

Sleigh rides and other snow activities are offered by businesses near the park entrance.

Winter is a magical time at Bryce Canyon - it's a great time to visit the park.

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