Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Salt Lake Trails

Trail Head: 40.9874, -111.79979
Trail Type: Biking
Tread: Singletrack
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 20 miles

This single track trail follows the Bonneville shoreline from Northern Utah through Salt Lake City. These are the main trailheads through the Davis county portion of the trail.

Farmington Canyon Trailhead

(40.9874, -111.79979)

From Farmington pond park to firebreak road. 2.5 miles

Little Valley Road Trailhead

(40.966925, -111.872992)

Go up Little Valley Road and follow the trail south just above the small gravel pit. 3.9 miles

Parrish Canyon Trailhead

(40.924275, -111.865379)

Take the high trail south to the retention pond at Deuel Creek Canyon. 2.2 miles

Bountiful "B" Trailhead (paved)

(40.895351, -111.845366)

Continue south past the "B" on Eagleridge Dr. The trail has not been completed through this area and you will be on roads. 6 miles.

Trailhead Park

(40.82614, -111.896664)

At the end of Eaglepointe Dr. take the dirt road souoth on the bench. Go past the radio towers on the peak. Take switchbacks into City Creek Canyon. 5.6 miles

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