Moab Area State Parks

Dead Horse Point State Park is a must-see attraction in the Moab area. It offers a magnificent vista overlooking the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park. Dead Horse offers a popular developed campground and picnic area.

If you approach Moab from the north you will probably pass Green River State Park, located in the town of Green River. The park is situated on the banks of the river, and is the starting point for flat-water river trips through Labyrinth and Stillwater canyons. The park also features a golf course and campground.

Approaching Moab from the south, you pass close to Goosenecks State Park near Mexican Hat and Edge of the Cedars State Park in Blanding. Goosenecks is undeveloped (no campground and only vault toilets). It offers spectacular vistas overlooking gooseneck meanders of the San Juan River.

Edge of the Cedars State Park includes a museum showcasing ancient Anasazi Indian artifacts, rock art and dwellings.

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