Moab Easter Jeep Safari

Moab- Hells Revenge

The annual Easter Jeep Safari is America's largest and best-known event promoting recreational four wheeling. It is held in Moab, Utah, and runs for nine days. It takes place the week before and including Easter Sunday. The actual dates of the Safari vary from year to year, since Easter may fall on a different Sunday every year.

The Safari attracts enthusiasts from all around the US, and even some from other countries. In recent years there have been as many as 1,000 vehicles registered for official events, and many others that show up and drive trails on their own.

Moab's hotels and campgrounds fill up during the Safari. If you want to book lodging during the Safari period you need to make reservations well in advance. See lodging options here.

You can rent four-wheel drive vehicles in Moab, but you need to make reservations months ahead if you want a rental during the event. See vehicle rental companies.

People who want to participate in the Safari are encouraged to register in advance. Those who register at the time of the event may be able to join some trail rides, if there is space available, but their opportunities are extremely limited. To register you need to get a copy of the Safari's newspaper and submit the official registration form. See the Safari's web page for details.

An Expo is held in conjunction with the Safari, allowing vendors to display and sell products. Auto makers often bring new 4X4 models and concept vehicles to show enthusiasts. Tire dealers sponsor activities and show products. There is food and music and a festive atmosphere. The town is packed and the parties never stop. It's a fun time to be in Moab.

Moab- Golden Spike

Safari participants are organized into groups and drive different trails each day. The Safari is hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, a Moab-based club for off-road enthusiasts. The club plans the routes, organizes the groups and shows the way, providing guides for each group. You do not need to be a member of the club to participate. (But you are welcome to join the club, even if you don't live in the Moab area.)

You do not have to use a Jeep to participate. There are no restrictions as to make or model of vehicle. A wide assortment of trails are chosen for official events. Some are relatively mild and can be driven in stock vehicles; some are rugged and are best driven in vehicles customized for off road travel. In every case, vehicles are expected to have high ground clearance and 2-speed transfer cases. Vehicles must be street legal. ATVs are not allowed in the event.

When they register, participants list trails they would like to drive. Officials try to honor those preferences, as much as possible. Trails can only accommodate a limited number of vehicles per day. If demand exceeds capacity, a lottery system is used to make trail assignments.

When registering, participants need to make sure they request trails that are appropriate for their vehicle type. The Safari newspaper describes the trails, to help participants make informed choices.

Most of the trails are driven on day-long trips, departing from and returning to Moab. Participants are expected to provide their own four-wheel-drive vehicles, spare tires, tools and emergency equipment. They also need to take care of their own food and non-alcoholic beverages for the trip. Suggested essentials, beyond plenty of water, include sun protection and layered clothing for changing weather conditions. (The weather often changes rapidly during spring in southeastern Utah.)

The trail rides go through many of the most scenic spots around Moab. Some of these areas are popular recreation spots in their own right, and are often used by people not participating in the Safari. Those participating in the Safari are expected to show consideration to others.

Everyone driving trails in the Moab area needs to be knowledgeable about off-road safety and legal requirements. Everyone - Safari participants and others recreating in the area - need to stay on designated trails.

Driving while impaired is suicide on these trails. Impaired drives are likely to injure themselves and others. Law enforcement personnel monitor Safari groups, along with everyone recreating in the area, and will arrest anyone found driving impaired.

The Safari is one of the biggest and most exciting events held in Moab. It's fun, whether you participate in the trail rides or just want to be in town for the festivities.

Come join the fun.

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