Moab Area Historic Sites

Rock Art Sites
Excellent ancient Native American rock art can be found on numerous rock panels in the Moab area. Some date back many thousands of years. Many panels are easy to find, like the one in Arches National Park near the Wolfe Ranch Trailhead for the Delicate Arch Hike. Several can be seen from Potash Road. Others are in more remote locations, where you've got to seek them out.

The Moab Visitors Center has a great printed guide to area rock art sites. It includes a map, descriptions of the sites, and detailed instructions to help you find them.

Movie History
Dozens of movies have been filmed in the Moab area, dating back to 1949. The area's classic scenery has served as the backdrop for classic old Westerns, including many John Wayne films, as well as modern movies. Again, the Visitor Center has information that can get you to the movie sites.

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