Moab Biking Trails

Many of the world's most famous mountain biking trails are located near Moab, including Slickrock, the trail that launched the fat tire craze. Below we provide information about the area's most popular biking spots.

Arches National Park Road Easy
Bicycling along Arches National Park's Scenic Drive is a surrealistic adventure through the stage of a popular Saturday morning cartoon. You're not li...(more)

Gemini Bridges Easy
This route's namesake attraction, Gemini Bridges, is a massive rock span that has been cleaved down the center into two parallel bridges. (more)

Hurrah Pass Easy
At Hurrah Pass, you are tugged by competing views of the valley through which you just traveled and a sublime panorama of Utah's Red Rock Province. (more)

Intrepid Trail System At Dead Horse Point Easy
This trail crosses slickrock and offers relatively level terrain, gentle slopes and spectacular views of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National P...(more)

Poison Spider Mesa Bike Trail Most Difficult
Few Moab rides are as mentally and physically rewarding as Poison Spider Mesa. (more)

Slickrock Trail Most Difficult
Slickrock is perhaps the most popular mountain bike trail in the world, boasting over 100,000 visitors per year (more)

White Rim Trail Most Difficult
This epic route follows the White Rim, on the edge of Island in the Sky Mesa in Canyonlands National Park (more)

Easy Easy Most Difficult Most Difficult

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