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O.A.R.S. (Outdoor Adventure River Specialists)

For over 35 years O.A.R.S. has been setting the unforgettable standard in rafting, kayaking and multi-sport vacations, with destinations & unparalleled experiences on the most legendary rivers, coastlines & mountains in the world - from Utah, California, Idaho, British Columbia, and Arizona's Grand Canyon to the opulent gorges of Fiji, O.A.R.S. provides fully catered adventures throughout Western North America, South America and the South Pacific.

As the largest and most diverse adventure company in the world, O.A.R.S. is uniquely positioned to build for you a spectacular vacation or quick getaway that you'll treasure forever.

River Running/Rafting
River - Lodore Canyon

Offering one of the most affordable, yet awe-inspiring rafting vacations in the area, the Green River surges among gorges glutted with the remnants of giants. Travelling through Dinosaur National Monument, the river is an open-air archive of far-out fossils - in plain sight among the cliff walls and shores - unearthed by wind, water and time. At its start, the river twists through the Gates of Lodore, a catacomb of scarlet slot canyons, yawning valley and lush ledges of emerald evergreen and brush. Exploration is the mission of the day as the Green promises dozens of side hikes, relaxing nights on the beach and easy-going whitewater rafting paddles perfect for young families and laid-back vacationers.
Included: professional river guides, guided hikes, all meals while on the river and top-notch expedition equipment.

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River Running/Rafting

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