Moab Hiking Trails

Some of Utah's best hiking trails are located in the Moab area - inside Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and also in desert and mountain areas outside the park boundaries. Read more...





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Our favorite hikes in Moab outside the national parks

Corona & Bowtie Arches

Corona Arch is a spectacular, photogenic arch located just west of Moab. Nearby, Bowtie Arch is also very scenic. The route to these arches makes one...(more)

Fisher Towers

This hike follows an easy trail to a rider overlooking the Fischer Towers, which are scenic rock formations eroded into interesting shapes. They are...(more)

Hunters Canyon

This easy trail goes up Hunter Canyon, just south of the Colorado River west of Moab. The canyon is beautiful, similar to the more famous Negro Bill Canyon...(more)

Negro Bill Canyon to Morning Glory Bridge

This Moab-area hike ascends a beautiful, narrow canyon to a scenic natural bridge. A small stream flows between the sheer sandstone walls, creating a...(more)

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