Lake Catherine, Lake Mary, Lake Martha

Salt Lake Hiking Trails

Trail Head: 40.597284, -111.584576
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4 miles out and back

There are 3 beautiful alpine lakes in close proximity a short distance above Brighton Ski Resort, at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. A well-marked trail leads to them, running through wildflower-filled meadows and lush forest, under craggy mountain peaks. The entire area is very scenic.

The trail gains some 1173 feet over the course of the hike. There are steep places, but they aren't bad. Most people think Lake Catherine is the most beautiful of the three lakes. It is the highest and we strongly encourage people to hike far enough to see it. The route is out and back and so you can turn back at any point if you desire.


(40.597284, -111.584576)

The trailhead is at the back of the parking lot at Brighton Ski Resort. A kiosk provides trail information. From there you just follow the obvious trail SW into the forest.

Lake Mary

(40.589009, -111.589596)

Lake Mary is actually a reservoir used to store water for Salt Lake-area culinary systems. Its size will depend on the amount of water stored, and current demand. When low, the lake is ringed by a large exposed shoreline. But it is scenic, even at low levels.

Lake Martha

(40.585324, -111.59199)

Just a short ways above Mary, you'll pass Lake Martha in its alpine basin against a craggy ridge. Martha is the smallest of the lakes.

Lake Catherine

(40.580987, -111.59307)

Continue on to Lake Catherine and you will rewarded with views of its azure waters against the almost completely surrounded by mountain peaks. This view is well worth the effort.

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