Dog Lake Utah

Salt Lake City Trails

Trail Head: 40.6498, -111.648
Trail Type: Hiking
Tread: Singletrack
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6 miles round trip

You can reach this scenic lake from trailheads in both Mill Creek Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon. Dogs are allowed on trails in Mill Creek Canyon, but not on trails in Big Cottonwood. We describe the hike from Big Cottonwood Canyon. Dogs are allowed at the lake, and there will often be animals playing along the shore and in the water.

This is a moderately-difficult hike through a beautiful forest, to lake in a scenic meadow. In summer it is surrounded by wildflowers. In fall the tree leaves are radiant. People also snowshoe this trail during winter.

Mill D Trailhead

(40.6498, -111.648)

The hike begins at the Mill D Trailhead, about 9 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Several trails begin here. The Dog Lake trail starts from the north side of the road. It is a well-marked trail that heads up the side of the mountain in a northeast direction.

Dog Lake

(40.6671, -111.639)

Dog Lake is located at an elevation of about 8745 feet, and you gain about 1440 feet as you hike. The elevation gain is spread out over a fair distance and so it isn't oppressive.

Spend some time enjoying the lake and then return the way you came.

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