Utah Trails
Tony Grove Lake
Length: Variable
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The land around this picturesque mountain lake in the Logan area has been designated a US Forest Service Wildflower Viewing Area. An easy trail circles the lake. Other trails from Tony Grove take you either deep into the Mt. Naomi Wilderness or up to White Pine Lake. All there trails are scenic and provide wonderful opportunity to view flowers, which are at their peak from July through early August.

Fall is also a great time to visit this area. Fall colors through the Logan Canyon area are nothing short of spectacular.

Hwy 89 Turnoff
From Logan, Hwy 89 about 15-16 miles to the Tony Grove turnoff in Logan Canyon. From there, drive about 5-6 miles to the end of the road at Tony Grove Lake.

Tony Grove Lake
The elevation at the lake is about 8,050 feet above sea level. From there, trails climb higher, so beware if you have heart or lung conditions. You'll find a very nice campground at the lake. Fishing is good here and the lake is ideal for canoes or rafts.

White Pine Lake
White Pine is a scenic small lake on Mt Naomi, at an elevation of about 8,390 feet. It is a little over 2 miles from Tony Grove. Hiking, backpacking or horsepacking are the only ways to get to this lake.