Utah Trails
Timpanogos Falls
Length: About 2 miles out and back
Difficulty: Easy

Description: This hike goes to a scenic waterfall on the east side of Mt Timpanogos. It is an easy hike up a wide and well-maintained trail.

The hike follows the Mt Timpanogos Trail - the same trail that runs from Aspen Grove to the mountain's summit. Several waterfalls can be seen along the trail. This is the first, and perhaps the most scenic. Hike to the waterfall and then return the way you came. Or continue as far as you want - it is a big mountain with virtually unlimited space to explore.

Water is available along the trail but needs to be filtered before it is safe to drink.

Aspen Grove Trailhead
The trail begins at the Aspen Grove Trailhead, along the Alpine Loop Road on the east side of Timp. Several trails begin here. They are well-signed; just pay attention to be sure you start down the right one. The trail runs west into the forest. It gains about 730 feet over the course of a mile. There are some ups and downs, but nothing very steep.

Timpanogos Falls
Follow trail signs to the waterfall. You can't miss it as you hike the trail. Relax, soak in the beauty and enjoy a snack, then return the way you came in. Or continue along the trail as far as time and energy permit.