Utah Trails
Pioneer Names Trail
Length: 0.5 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Pioneer Names Trail in Snow Canyon State Park is a short, crescent moon-shaped hike that leads visitors over some mildly rocky terrain with small slopes. The trail passes a collection of some names on a rock face, written in axle grease. The names date back to early settlers from 1881.

Pioneer Names Trailhead
The trailhead is located 0.15 mile north of the Sand Dunes picnic area and the inception of the West Canyon Road.

Pioneer Names
The names are located at the base of the cliff, at approximately the middle of the crescent’s curve.

End of the Trail
The end of the trail brings visitors back to Snow Canyon Drive, 0.2 miles north of the trailhead.

Snow Canyon Campground
The park campground is located just to the north of the Pioneer Names Trail. The trailheads to the Hidden Pinyon Trail and the Three Ponds Trail are located between the campground and the Pioneer Names.