Utah Trails
Jenny's Canyon
Length: 0.5 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: Jenny’s Canyon is a fun, short slot canyon located almost at the mouth of Snow Canyon, across the road from the Sand Dunes. At only a half-mile roundtrip, this is a good way to introduce children to the excitement of canyoneering.

This trail is closed annually from March 15th, to June 1st.

Jenny’s Canyon Trailhead
The trail leads off of the right (east) side of the road as visitors enter from the south.

Mouth of Jenny’s Canyon
The route up to the slot canyon is somewhat steep, and has steps in some areas.

End of Jenny’s Canyon
Jenny’s Canyon narrows and becomes impassable rather quickly, making this a short hike overall.

Sand Dunes
The Sand Dunes and its picnic area lie just across the road from Jenny’s Canyon. The dunes here are a popular way to relax, take your shoes off, and enjoy the beautiful red sand of Snow Canyon.