Utah Trails
Hovenweep Cutthroat Castle Group
Length: .5 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Cutthroat group consists of a cluster of ancient Anasazi ruins located along the Utah/Colorado border. It is part of Hovenweep National Monument, but is located further east than other monument groups.

Cutthroat was a Pueblo III village that may have had a population of over 200. It differs from the other Hovenweep groups in that it was built on a streambed rather than clustered around a canyonhead spring. The S-shaped stream on which Cutthroat was built was dammed to form a small reservoir between the two sections of the village. Another interesting feature at Cutthroat is the lack of visible entrances to several of its towers. Entrances could have been below ground, or the towers could have been entered from the top via ladders. Cutthroat sits at the highest elevation of all the Hovenweep group, where it has higher annual precipitation, cooler temperatures, and deeper soils than the other sites.

You'll need a detailed area map to find your way to the turnoff, which is located northeast of the Hovenweep visitor center at Square Tower Ruin. Inquire at the visitor center for directions.

Parking Area
From the parking area, walk southeast to the ruins. A clear trail loops around the site, past prominent structures. Other structures are somewhat hidden - you've got to search them out. The total distance walked will only be about .5 miles.