Utah Trails
Grand Gulch - Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon
Length: 33 miles one way
Difficulty: Strenuous

Description: Grand Gulch offers several great hiking opportunities, all of which allow you to view magnificent ancient Anasazi ruins in a beautiful, wilderness setting.

The most popular way to explore here is to backpack from the Kane Gulch trailhead to the Bullet Canyon Trailhead, about 33 miles total, to a waiting shuttle. The trek takes most people 3-4 days.

Much longer backpacks are also possible, going all the way to the San Juan River (52 miles).

You can also day hike and see impressive ruins around the Kane Gulch/Grand Gulch junction (9.5 miles round trip). Permits are required for day hikes and also backpacking trips.

Kane Gulch Trailhead
The trailhead is located at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station, along Hwy 261.Water and restrooms are available there.

Kane Gulch/Grand Gulch Junction
The famous Turkey Pen Ruin is located just below the canyon junction. You can also see other ruins in this area.

Bullet Canyon/Grand Gulch Junction
There are several major sites near the Bullet Canyon/Grand Gulch junction. You could spend a month here and never see it all.

Bullet Canyon Trailhead
The trailhead is located on Grand Gulch Plateau, off Hwy 261. From the parking area, follow the trail as it enters the wash and then stay in the bottom as the canyon grows deeper.