Utah Trails
Devils Garden
Length: Variable Distances
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Devils Garden is located in the Grand Staircase-Escalante area, on the Hole-in-the-Rock Road, 12 miles south of Highway 12 and the town of Escalante. It is a small plot of BLM land—only a handful of acres in size—but it contains some of the Escalante area’s most iconic rock formations, including Metate Arch, and numerous hoodoos.

There is no fixed direction of travel here. it is more of a collection of crisscrossing trails that can be followed at leisure.

Devils Garden Road and Hole-in-the-Rock Road Junction
The road is signed, and wanders westward for a quarter of a mile before pulling into the parking area.

Parking Lot
Devils Garden has spacious parking, owing to the many visitors that are attracted to its picturesque formations.

Metate Arch
Metate Arch is a smaller arch, and looks somewhat like a leaning pillar with a thin slab of stone on top that connects to the wall beside it.

The Four Wise Men
Devils Garden has many hoodoos, uneven pillars of sandstone with hard caps, caused by differential erosion. Many of them at this site are small and stout, and can easily be imagined as goblins or gnomes, and in this case, some of the wise men.