Utah Trails
Davis Gulch
Length: Variable
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: The Escalante arm of Lake Powell is one of the most scenic parts of the lake. Many people consider this area their favorite for boating. All of the side canyons coming in the Escalante arm provide good hiking opportunities. Davis Gulch is the most popular because it offers easy hiking in a beautiful canyon with a sandy canyon bottom and flowing stream. Trees and other vegetation add to the beauty and make the canyon cool and inviting.

As you boat into Davis Gulch you pass huge LaGorce Arch. (When the lake level is extra low you won't be able to boat all the way to LaGorce, but will hike past it.) Farther up the gulch you come to scenic Bement Arch.

You can also hike down the canyon from Hole in the Rock Road. Hike down from the road or up from the lake, and then just return the way you came in.

Mouth of Davis Gulch
Davis Gulch is located on the Escalante arm of Lake Powell. The best access by boat is to come down-lake from Bullfrog. The gulch is about 5 miles up the Escalante arm.

Water's Edge
The length of the boatable section in the Gulch will vary with the lake level. Normally, you will be able to boat past LaGorce Arch and then start hiking.

Bement Arch
This arch is located in the center portion of the gulch and is a good destination whether you come up from the lake of down from Hole in the Rock Road. Hike as far as you feel comfortable and then return the way you came in.