Moab Area Fishing

Moab is synonymous with desert, dry and hot, with vast expanses of rock and sand. Most people don't associate it with fishing. Yet there are some surprisingly good fishing opportunities nearby.

The Colorado River offers good catfish action in the Moab area. It also offers some bass and sunfish.

Kens Lake, just south of town, offers trout fishing. The lake is small and can be fished from shore or from a float tube or small boat.

Two small lakes offer trout fishing high in the La Sal Mountains east of Moab. One is called Warner and the other Oowah. Snow piles deep on the mountain and so these lakes are only accessible during summer and early fall.

Mill Creek flows out of the La Sal Mountains into Moab and it offers some fishing for trout. It is a small stream and can be a fun spot to fly fish.

South of Moab, near the towns of Monticello and Blanding, several small lakes offer good trout fishing.

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