Made In Utah - Davis County

These products and services have unique ties to Utah and have become iconic in their respective categories. While traveling in Utah we encourage you to seek out and try local products. They will add rich variety to your visit.

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates
Mrs. Cavanaugh's fine chocolates have been produced in Utah since the company opened in 1964. The company operates six retail outlets around Utah, including one at its factory in North Salt Lake.

People are welcome to tour the factory, which is located at 835 North Pointe Circle, North Salt Lake City, Utah.

Stephens Gourmet Hot Cocoa
Stephens supplies gourmet hot cocoa, hot cider and wassail, and dessert toppings to loyal customers in all 50 states. The company is headquartered in Farmington, Utah.

"Stephen's starts with the finest European cocoa � imported for its unforgettable aroma and remarkable consistency in flavor and texture. Stephen's then takes extra care and effort to only use the finest ingredients to enhance the natural flavor of the European cocoa to create a gourmet hot chocolate mix that is unmatched in quality and taste."

Products can be purchased online and from fine supermarkets and gourmet shops.

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