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Night Skiing at Nordic Valley
February 4, 2002 - The dancing shadows and billowing wind make it hard to properly discern the size of Nordic Valley ski area, especially late at night, when the lights of...

The Preservation of Emotion, Excitement and Struggle
(Hill Air Force Base Aviation Museum) - February 18, 2002 - By 1948, with more than 10,000 of them in service, the AT-6 Texan was already the most widely used aircraft in history. The single engine simple plane, with a 600 hp Pratt and Whitney engine and 42-foot wingspan...

(Powder Mountain Ski Area) February 19, 2001 - Suckerhole is what we call a spinning, fleeting patch of blue sky that travels across an otherwise gloomy horizon. What they do is suck you into thinking that the storm is clearing, that blue sky is just an hour away...

(Snowbasin Ski Area) February 12, 2001 - Several years ago, while ski mountaineering in British Columbia, I experienced vertigo for the first time. I was above timberline on a mountain in central British Columbia. The weather had not been good to start with...

Holding Steady at the Shooting Star
Everything You Need to Know About Huntsville - (February 5, 2001) - 'That thing looks weird,' said Laura. 'It's bothering me.' It was the knackwurst portion of my Mini-Star Burger, a mini portion of the Shooting Star's finest...

Ogden Rec Center
AP reports: A 125,000-square-foot recreation center will be named for Salomon, a major ski brand, as part of the incentives to land the parent company, Amer Sports Corp.

How Now, Pow Mow?
Dnver Post pop quiz: What’s the biggest ski area in the country? The ski area with the most skiable terrain in the United States is northern Utah’s Powder Mountain.

Ogden Ranked Among Best Places ranks Ogden #11 on its list of Best Places for Business and Careers

Michael Adams will lead Atomic USA to Ogden, Utah
A 25-Year Veteran of the Wintersports Industry, Adams Will Oversee Atomic USA’s Transition to Ogden, Utah

Breaking Into Snow Business
Wall Street Journal Reports: Ogden’s plan to become a premier center for outdoor tourism: an abandoned cannery with rotting wood floors and boarded-up windows. In a few months, it will become home to some of the biggest brands of the ski industry, in-cluding Salomon and two other units of Helsinki-based Amer Sports.

"We Have Everything You Want … If We Can Find It"
(Getting Lost at Smith and Edwards) - September 5, 2000 - This is the sort of place where the shoppers drive such large pickup trucks that they don't fit into the parking lot.

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