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Logan/Bear Lake

Five Hours Atop Bear Lake Summit
(Backcountry skiing at Bear Lake Summit) January 17, 2000 - There is a time, it seems, when no matter how much clothing you have on you are still naked. These are times when 'clothing' - the societal apparatuses we wrap around ourselves - just doesn't do much good.

Beaver Mountain
(Skiing at Beaver Mountain Resort) January 10, 2000

Camping at the Crossroads
(Logan's Festival of the American West) August 28, 2000 - There is a pretty interesting pull-out map in this month's National Geographic. Titled The Pathfinders on one side and Western Migration on the other, and chronicling the periods of 1803-1848 and 1841-1869, the maps look...

The Widening Spell of the Leaves
(The Cache Valley) - November 5, 2001 - To travel alone is risky business. To not follow one's dreams is even riskier. So I took my good friend Laura on my long-anticipated bike tour of northern Utah's Cache Valley, and was all the better for it.

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