Historic Ogden Campgrounds

Campgrounds near Historic Ogden

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Within 0 - 5 miles (air)
Fort Buenaventura    more   Ogden  
Century RV Park    more   Ogden  

Within 6 - 10 miles (air)
The Maples    more   Huntsville  
Circle L Mobile Home Community (RV's Welcome)    more   Layton  

Within 11 - 15 miles (air)
Willard Bay State Park (South Marina    more   Ogden Book Now
Anderson Cove    more   Huntsville Book Now
Willard Basin    more   Mantua  
North Fork Park/Campground    more   Eden  
Cherry Hill Campground    more   Kaysville  
Jefferson Hunt    more   Huntsville  
Willard Bay State Park (North Marina)    more   Ogden Book Now
Lagoon's RV Park & Campground    more   Farmington  
Sunset    more   Farmington  

Within 16 - 20 miles (air)
KOA - Brigham City    more   Brigham City  
Bountiful Peak    more   Farmington Book Now
Golden Spike R.V. Park    more   Brigham City  
Mountain Haven Campground    more   Mantua  
Box Elder Campground    more   Mantua Book Now
Botts    more   Huntsville  
Magpie    more   Huntsville  
Antelope Island State Park    more   Syracuse Book Now
Perception Park    more   Huntsville Book Now
South Fork    more   Huntsville Book Now

Within 21 - 25 miles (air)
Pony Express RV Resort    more   North Salt Lake Book Now
Lower Meadows    more   Huntsville  
Upper Meadows    more   Huntsville  
Willows    more   Huntsville  
Weber Memorial Campground    more   Huntsville  

Within 26 - 30 miles (air)
Salt Lake City KOA    more   Salt Lake City Book Now
Hyrum Lake State Park    more   Hyrum Book Now
Crystal Hot Springs Waterpark and Campground    more   Honeyville  
East Canyon State Park    more   Morgan Book Now
Pioneer    more   Hyrum  
Traveland RV Park Logan    more   Logan  

Within 31 - 35 miles (air)
Monte Cristo Campground    more   Woodruff Book Now
Bandits Cove    more   Logan  
River Side R.V.Park & Campgrounds    more   Logan  
Western Park Camp.    more   Logan  
Friendship Campground    more   Hyrum Book Now
Spring    more   Hyrum  
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