Heritage Highway 89 - Sevier Valley Region

Sevier Valley From pre-historic Indian sites to remnants of the old west, the Sevier Valley region of the Heritage Highway 89 is brimming with culture. Much of the heritage is tied to the rich landscape where farmers and ranchers follow the ancient Native American tradition of living off the land. Forts, state parks, and historical markers dot the area. Classic western saddles, boots and wear have been shopped throughout this region for the last 100 years. Livestock auctions and Dutch oven dinners with tales of Butch Cassidy characterize the area rural folk culture.

The highway passes through 13 different areas. Each adds its own piece of culture to the region.

  • Settled in 1864, Salina was abandoned after the Blackhawk War and rebuilt a few years later. Historic landmarks such as the Victorian Inn, Burns Saddlery and Mom's Café create the old spice of the area.
  • Glenwood offers much of the handicraftsman guild. Handmade dolls, costumes, and antiques can be found among its stores. Other historic buildings including a grist mill and co-op store can be found in the city.
  • Fish Lake, a small town with a historic lodge, offers deep waters and record trout. A premier trout fishery in Utah, Fish Lake is stocked with rainbow, brown and lake trout, as well as splake.
  • Red mounds west of town named the this place Redmond. Bentonite clay deposits and a salt mine have made this area well-known. The Salt Mine is nearly 100 years old and still remains active.
  • Located along the bend of the Sevier River, Aurora is named for the beautiful surrounding hills. Antique shops and beautiful hand-sculpted stone furniture make this area distinguished.
  • The U.S. Post Office originally founded Sigurd. Heirloom gardens, handcrafted items and culture are flourish throughout the area.
  • Richfield is the largest city in the area and is known for its rich farming soil. Creameries, museums, antique stores, gift shops, mountain man adventures, and mystic hot springs make this a regularly visited city.
  • To protect against Indian invasion, a small company of Mormon civilians built a fort, which later became known as Monroe. It is named after the fifth president of the United States.
  • Joseph, or once known as Jericho, honors the heritage of early pioneers and farmers with its Old Farm Museum. Historic inventions and tools once used of the farm are displayed.
  • Sevier is named in honor of the river and county. The area offers antiques and more.

Other major areas of interest include Clear Creek Canyon, which includes Fremont Indian State Park and Sevier River Canyon that lies adjacent to Big Rock Candy Mountain. Hiking, snowmobiling, mountain biking, flyfishing, hunting, backpacking and river running are all major parts that are available to experience in the area. For more information regarding the Sevier Valley loop of the Heritage Highway as well as other sections, contact 1-877-H89-UTAH.

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