Kenilworth Loop Trail

The Kenilworth Loop Trail begins in Price and turns around in the town of Kenilworth, home to one of the area's first coal mines. The quaint coal mining town is situated in a picturesque setting on the lower slopes of the Book Cliffs. It is best to travel this route in the morning or evening hours during the warmer months, as this route can be very hot in the summer heat of the day. There are also several side trails in this area that may be rocky and technical.

Directions: The Kenilworth Loop is 14 miles at an Intermediate Level. Begin on your bike from downtown Price. Head north on 3rd East past the College of Eastern Utah to 9th North. Turn left (west) on 9th North and zigzag northwest and up a short and steep hill onto the Wood Hill plateau. When reaching the crest of the hill, aim for the radio towers as there is a fine vista of Price from this point. Continue north on the 4WD road that rises from Wood Hill along the plateau. Near the summit of this plateau, the road veers downhill and drops into the town of Kenilworth. Please respect private property in this area. From Kenilworth, cross over the railroad grade to the east and follow the dirt road along the base of the cliffs. Any of the routes to your right will go south and parallel the plateau which you rode up. At the edge of the plateau there are additional views of the Price Valley. Descend the steep rocky plateau and follow the dirt road south back to Price.

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