Utah ATV Trails

With so much of Utah designated as public land administered for recreational use, and hundreds of miles of backcountry trails, great four-wheel drive or ATV terrain is never far away. Read more...



Where offroad > onroad

Moab is the ATV capital of the universe. It's true. We checked.

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Moab Adventure Center


Bryce Canyon National Park

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It Can Get Tricky Out There

Daniels Summit Guides & Rentals


More than just a big blue lake

The Bear Lake area is perfect for ATVs

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Maps Are Neat

And handy. Get one here.

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In many areas of the state four-wheel drive and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) rentals are available. Guided backcountry trips employing four-wheel drive or all-terrain vehicles are an excellent way to see some of Utah's most beautiful and untouched landscapes.

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